Badge Hounds!


With the remarkable acquisition of Microsoft FrontPage (yes yes, enough with the booing) I have managed to get my sticky fingers back on.. in? my domains. That includes this one. That means that I'll be doing a little bit of tweaking. Since I once again have the ability to log into City of Heroes/Villain (although I won't say what name or server to protect myself), I will resume screenshotting and cutting and pasting and generally comicking again. I have an idea or two to put up here. Don't forget, you can see Badge Hounds #1 in issue #13 of the City of Heroes comic. Go me!

Badge Hounds 1 - Badge Hound

Badge Hounds 2 - Dooooom!

Badge Hounds 3 - Alts

Badge Hounds 4 - Bad Lag

Badge Hounds 5 - Invites

Badge Hounds Special #1 - Invinci-who?

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